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Yacht Services & Support

Getting the most out of a yacht and retaining its value is every boat owner’s aim.

Alongside our comprehensive boat maintenance and yacht services in Lefkada, Greece, we also offer you full shore side support. Making life that little bit easier.

Documentation – Transfers – Laundry – Provisioning – Cleaning

One Stop Shop, For All Your Yachting Needs

Whether you live aboard or are just visiting for a few weeks.

Whether you are new to sailing or have circumnavigated the world!

Whatever your experience or requirements, we are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your time afloat.

Everyone Is Welcome Whether You Arrive By Air, Sea Or Land !

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any question and we will do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible.

Yacht Syndicates

This is a great way to help share the load of boat ownership.

Syndicates vary in sizes and budgets. In addition to our yacht services we can also ensure the smooth turnaround of the yacht, including all the paperwork, ready for the next syndicate members.

Our staff are always on hand for a smooth handover.

Yacht Services Prerequisites

Your boat must be adequately insured for protection during her stay with us. So please inform and update your insurance company.

Before leaving your boat with us, one of the team will go through the working mechanics and any of her quirky features.

For our full terms and conditions, please click here.

Recommendations when leaving your vessel with us

Maintenance & Winterizing

While you are away from your boat be sure that repairs, anti-fouling, dry docking and all other technical works and modifications / parts needed will be managed efficiently by us. Vliho Yacht Club technical yacht services implement all types of boat modification. Our services extend to rigging, electrical, plumbing and all the bits in between.

With 2 boat yards on our doorstep, we can have your boat lifted, cleaned, anti- fouled, polished & ready for your arrival and we provide progress updates with regular emails and photographs.


Afloat & Ashore

  • Services all Year Round

    Assurance 365 Days a Year

  • Boat Under Constant Supervision

    For Complete Peace of Mind

  • Storm Watch

    Protection Whatever the Weather

  • Airing

    Preventing Damp & Mould

  • Regular Inspections

    Checking Lines, Bilges & Functions

  • Engine Checks

    Keep Your Motor Running

  • Ready for your Arrival

    Head Straight Out to Sea

  • Transfer to your Yacht by Tender

    For Privacy at Anchor

  • Outboard & Dinghy Maintenance

    No Job Too Small


Worldwide & Assisted Sailing

Just need your boat moved? Be it a long or short delivery we can assist you.

If you are taking you boat on a long trip and need a reassuring hand, then our skippers can provide this. You don’t have to miss out.

New to a boat – we can put a skipper on board for a day or 2 to teach you the ropes.

Perhaps due to a lack of time or not enough experience owners sometimes need someone else to do the boat transfers. Experienced skippers ourselves, we offer both local and international boat deliveries. Recent deliveries carried out by Vliho Yacht Club Yacht services include transferring yachts of various sizes between Lefkas and Menorca, Croatia, Italy & France.

For our full rates, please contact us to discuss your own personal needs.


Painting & GRP

GRP Damage – From major groundings to minor scratches, we can not only carry out the repairs but also guide you through the insurance process.

GRP Modification – Some onboard improvements often require some specialized custom moldings. Let us create solutions for you.

Painting – Let us refresh your hull stripes or areas beyond gelcoat work.

Polishing – Protect and shine your GRP or painted service. The UV light will cause damage to both and we want not to only make your boat look great, but also protect it.


Repairs & Upgrades

Decking – Replace your worn out areas. We can offer you wood and synthetic solutions.

Repairs & Modifications – Interior and Exterior.

Protection – We work with a variety of varnishes to ensure that you wood is kept looking its best and protected against the harsh UV.

Solutions – Blending the best of old and new techniques to find optimal answers.

Technical Yacht Services

Electrical & Plumbing

Electrical – Safe, sensible installations.

Batteries – We can supply a range of batteries to suit all needs and budgets.

Toilets & Holding tanks –Installation, system modification & repair.

Hot & Cold Water Systems – Installation, fault finding & repair.

Boat System Check – Ensure your boat is working and ready to go.

Parts – With over 30 years in the marine industry, we can locate and supply the parts you need to keep you yacht running smoothly.

Water & Black Tanks – Custom made to fit your vessel.


Sails & Canvas

Standing Rigging – Most insurance companies would expect the rigging to be replaced every 10 years. Whilst the mast is down, have all the fittings and wiring checked.

Furling Systems – Keep your sails rolling nicely with full system service.

Running Rigging – Hard, stretched ropes – Time for replacement.

Hydraulic Systems – Prevent expensive failure with regular servicing. Repairs also carried out.

Sails – Repairs & upgrades.

Covers – Bespoke biminis & sprayhoods. Designed for your boat and your needs.

Upholstery – Interior & Exterior work carried out.

Windlass & Winches – Servicing, Repair and Installation.

Get ready to sail – Safe time, your hands & back. Let our experienced team put your canvas up. All you have to do is sail!


Design & Installation

As technology develops so does our need to avail of this.

Good, well thought out solar installations are the answer to your needs. Environmentally friendly, sustainable power – and you can keep your fridge on!

We can provide you with a complete solution from design, supply of parts and installation.

Depending on your boat design and needs we can offer a variety of solutions & mounting options.

Gantry – Deck – Bimini.

Mechanical Yacht Services

Maintenance & Repairs

Servicing – Outboards, Engines & Generators.

An engine service is not just about changing the oil and filters. It is about checking all areas of the engine.

Winterising – Annual service – mid season oil changes.

Installation – At certain times it makes sense to bite the bullet & buy a new engine. – It’s all about peace of mind. We can advise, purchase & install your new best friend.

Recondition – Full and partial rebuilds undertaken.

Parts – We can source & supply your spare parts.


Winter & Summer

Winter months – We work with one local boatyard in Vliho where our workshop is located.

We can arrange for your boat to be hauled here over the winter months. Lifting is by hydraulic trailer into steel cradles. Water and electricity available throughout.

Summer months – if you are leaving your boat for a couple of months – for peace of mind we can arrange to have your boat ashore.

Short haul out– For unexpected work or short maintenance programs.

Emergency haul out – Major underwater problem, call us to get you secure.

Underwater Works

Hull Preparation – from simple antifouling to a complete strip back and epoxy treatment.

Antifouling – We now apply antifoul with airless spraying.

Coppercoat – Pre-launch preparation or application from new.

Seacocks – As part of our prelaunch pre-requisites all seacocks are checked and greased. Our preference is to replace in modern composite seacocks.

Anodes – These should be checked and changed as required.

Steering – Rudder bearings – rudder conditions – Prop shaft – Rope cutters – Props


Installation & Repair

Let us help you navigate through this every changing field. We can assist with repairs, upgrades and new installations.


We work with a variety of varnishes to ensure that you wood is kept looking its best and protected against the harsh UV.

24/7 Support

Yacht Breakdown

Our helping hand service is here for you when you need us most. Available 24 hours a day, every day of the week and designed with every eventuality in mind, our technical team and office staff can have you back on your way.

If we need to come out to you, whether by truck or RIB, please have the following details ready for when you call:
Name & Type of Vessel, Co-Ordinate Location, Number of People Onboard, Your Name & Contact Number.
And please keep your mobile phone on you at all times.

Payment for Yacht Services

Every boat we see has her own quirks and needs. As a result it is impossible to produce a one-size-fits-all price list. If you would like to enquire further about any of our services please Just Ask.

Contact us today for a personalised, competitive quote!