COVID 19 Protocols

COVID 19 Protocols – Sail Safe

Please bring along your own protective equipment (gloves, masks & Sanitizer) & our team will also be wearing PPE when interacting with guests. However no hugging or handshakes this time!

Please maintain social distancing and wear PPE when not possible. In between charters once we have cleaned, done the turnaround jobs / checks, the boat is professionally fogged & sterilized. They then issue us the necessary official certificate for the boat papers. We appreciate your patience if your yacht is not ready on arrival as these new procedures do take time.

It will be the skipper’s responsibility to use the infrared thermometer & fingertip pulse oximeter (these are provided) everyday and recorded on the Yacht Health Log.

We will also have a Yacht Route Log for you to fill in each day.

AT LEAST 48 hours before entering Greece, you must fill in the Passenger Locator Form. This is required by Greek law to keep everyone safe throughout the season. You can find the form and further information here…

For the address, you can use c/o Vliho Yacht Club, Vliho, 31084, Lefkada Island.