Marine Electrical & General Technician

Recruiting Now – Marine Electrical and General Technicians

Immediate start date – based in Vliho, Lefkada, Greece.

Here at Vliho Yacht Club we are looking for a practical & energetic person to join our expanding team. This position is full time and year round, offering many opportunities. Ideally you are resourceful, motivated and have good communication skills.

Applicants need to hold an EU passport or have a Greek resident permit. English speaking but other languages are of course a benefit.

You will be shore-based and we are located in the village of Vliho, 2km south of Nidri on the East coast of Lefkada, Greece. We look after approximately 100 boats and work with owners from all over Europe.

Further details on request and subject to experience.

Please send an email to

Looking forward to hearing from you

Ruairi & Vicky Bradley

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Ηλεκτρολόγος και Γενικός τεχνικός για ναυτιλιακά.

Άμεση απασχόληση! Βλυχό, Λευκάδας.

Η ομάδα του Vlicho Yacht Club μεγαλώνει και αναζητά ένα άτομο πρακτικό, ενεργητικό, πολυμήχανο με καλές επικοινωνιακές δεξιότητες για να ενταχθεί σε αυτή. Βρισκόμαστε στην ανατολική ακτή της Λευκάδας και συγκεκριμένα στο Βλυχό. Φροντίζουμε περίπου 100 σκάφη και συνεργαζόμαστε με ιδιοκτήτες απ’όλη την Ευρώπη. Πλήρης και άμεση απασχόληση για όλο το χρόνο, προσφέροντας πολλές ευκαιρίες.

Απαραίτητα προσόντα :

• Να είστε κάτοχος διαβατηρίου ΕΕ ή ταυτότητα / Ελληνικής Άδειας Παραμονής.
• Γνώσεις Αγγλικών ή και άλλων γλωσσών θα εκτιμηθούν.
• Σχετική Προϋπηρεσία σε ανάλογη θέση.

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες και αποστολή Βιογραφικού στο e-mail επικοινωνίας:

Ανυπομονούμε να συνεργαστούμε.

Ruairi & Vicky Bradley

A Year of Change

A Year of Change

Seasons greetings to One and All…

From an annoyingly wet and windy Vliho. Our usual sunny and calm Autumnal period of lay-up has been usurped by a succession of fronts dumping water on us at high velocity. From afar I can hear the cries of “now you know how we feel” and “that’s what it’s like here all of the time”, to which I will point out I am very much aware of the Northern European winter, which is why we moved to Greece in the first place! However my adopted country is not quite as prepared as yours for awful weather, which in a very long winded and admittedly circuitous way leads me into the topic I wished to explore in this years end of season mind dump.

Change, no matter which aspect of life you focus on, things are always changing, some are even improving although as that is a matter of perspective and as it’s the season of Goodwill I won’t bore you with my prejudices. I want to focus on the changes that are happening for us sailing folk in Greece and around the Ionian. Previously I waxed lyrical about the Virtues of sailing around the Peloponnese via the Corinth canal, which still stands, or at least it will when work to re-open the canal is completed. The year long closure forced by landslides caused a lot of disruption to the sailing community, however the costs of repair and preventative improvement far out-weigh any potential income, making the funding of work a not simple matter. Happily a statement circulating this week announced works will begin in January.

corinth canal

This year the Gulf of Corinth normally populated by yachts transiting east west or the opposite, became very much a cul de sac, with only the very fortunate few enjoying cruising this vast artery linking the Aegean and Ionian seas. If you take the frequent Ionian lament list and apply it to the Gulf it is amazing how few people visit.


Some examples if I may…
  • Ionian, too many bloody boats… becomes on the third day we waved to a yacht from afar.
  • Can’t get on to the quay… we went alongside in Galaxidi for €11 euro with water & electric.
  • The restaurants are so expensive… eating ashore is cheaper than dinner on board.
  • There is no wind have to motor everywhere… two reefs in the main and little jib.



I could go on for many more lines of almost opposite comparison, talking about trips to ancient Delphi , or riding the Vernicular railway up to the ski village of Kalavrita. Or a provisioning stop in Corinth with a crew change, with Athens air port being just over an hour by train. However listing all of the attractions dulls the fun of discovery and planning, have a look for yourself it may be worth a visit next season and if you do venture down I will probably see you there.

Locally, growth of the large charter cats, both in girth and number, definitely makes some of the long time favorite stops less attractive, quite why a craft 40 ft wide with a high power tender on the back will spend hours fighting to attach one corner of a paw to the quay in Fiscardo is simply beyond me, at least it provides some small entertainment if viewed from afar. The point of this being, the big Cats are here to stay, as are big monohulls , super yachts with their toys and almost anything that floats (who does kayak flotillas in August, torture for me). So it’s a change we will all have to adapt to, safe in the knowledge that it is still a fantastic place to enjoy boating, we just have to share a bit more now.

Change has also been apparent at the Yacht Club with the addition of the pontoon, a mythical quest that Vicky and I embarked on many moons ago becoming a reality was a land mark moment for us and has operationally transformed our way of working. As Vliho is an area managed by the Port Fund we are still charged for each boat which avails of the facility, it’s a Public-Private-Private operation where the fund provides the Public quay, we capitalize the pontoon and end users rent a space. The upside is no more dragging anchors, smashing off the quay or mucky anchor lockers at the beginning of your trip and of course safe and easy access with the boat pointing at or away from the prevailing wind.

The license is renewed annually which encourages us to behave within the parameters laid down and to pay our dues in a timely manner, as now we have experienced a season with the pontoon it would be hard to go back.

Followers of the Yacht Club on social media will have watched the progress of our office move in nearly real time. This has been a change which was long overdue. Keeping track of the paper end of our business, from the cozy shoe box which has served as an office for so long has been difficult for the team. Previously talk among ourselves would refer to the ladies in their Ivory tower dispensing commands for us mere technicians to carry out, their recent relocation seems to lend some weight to this.

Finally for those of you who avail of the Yacht Club charter boats we have added another two boats to the fold, both Bavaria in the 45 ft range, one as new and the other a few seasons matured, this is us accepting the change that people would like the choice of a larger more well appointed boat. You can find more details either from Debbie by email, or on the website.

That’s about my lot, maybe we will get a chance to adjust completely to all of the changes which have been happening for the last couple of years, before the next batch start or we accept change as being inevitable and it’s our reaction which will adjust.

From Vicky and Myself we wish you all the very best and next season is unbelievably just around the corner.


New addition to our charter fleet

Introducing ARTEMIS for 2022… we are very excited to have this beautiful Bavaria C45 – Holiday edition built in 2019 join our fleet.

As you step on board via the huge bathing platform and into the very spacious cockpit, you can appreciate that this boat is very well set up for the 10 people it is licenced for. A very light and airy interior combined with the 4 cabins, 3 bathrooms & a full size galley allows comfort for all on board.

Walking around the decks is easy on this clear, clean design.  The hatches are recessed into the deck and without any steps or edges you find plenty of areas to sunbath on the foredeck or under the boom.

You can appreciate her fully battened mainsail is combined with a self tacking foresail with all lines hidden running back to the dual helm stations.   ARTEMIS is a truly impressive cruising yacht to enjoy with all the technical equipment you would expect for a boat of this caliber.

Bavaria Cruiser 45 "Bunty"

New Charter Boat…

We are happily introducing a 2013 Bavaria Cruiser 45ft to our charter fleet for Season 2022.

She is called BUNTY and we are very much looking forward to giving you the chance to go sailing on this lovely boat with friends or family.

Interesting facts to know about her… She has a teak deck, bow thruster & twin rudders, giving you added control when parking; a wind generator, 1 electric toilet / 2 manual toilets and fans in all the cabins for extra comfort.  Combining full navigation equipment, autopilot and furling main sail it all helps the sailing experience.

Debbie is being kept busy with Bookings for next summer and is happy to answer any questions you may have on Bunty or any of our boats.


A New Pontoon

After many years of bureaucracy and paperwork, we are very proud to announce that our new pontoon has been approved and now sit’s proudly in front of our Yacht Club.


Last week, the fantastic team of divers from Lefkas Diving Centre in Nikiana, and Ruairi of course, descended into the depths of Vliho Bay to secure it in place. In total we used 200 meters of chain and 400 meters of rope which were patiently spliced together by Vicky & Joe. There are now lazy line berths just a 30 second walk from the bar, perfect for that summer evening!


Making this stretch of quayside more accessible and user-friendly has been at the top of our list for years. Not only will we have an abundance of more space, the yachts on the pontoon will be in the direction of the most common winds, making mooring & securing in our strong summer blows much easier!

Finally, Ruairi has up-cycled this lovely holder for our big blue hose pipe…but can you guess what it was originally???

vliho yacht club

Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to our new website! We are very excited to finally go live as we have been working on this since Christmas. Let us know what you think and please do send over any photos or stories you have of Vliho Yacht Club as we would love to feature them on our new blog!

We are still quite locked down here – bars and restaurants are still closed and we still have a 9pm curfew – however the weather has vastly improved, moods are starting to lift, boats are beginning to launch AND we are allowed to travel again to exercise, which means lots of trips to the beach! Yes, the sea is still freezing to swim in but, in the words of every British parent ever, “it’s fine once you’re in!”

Behind closed doors we are working hard to make sure that as soon as we can open we will with a bang! From the mundane jobs like recovering bar stools, painting bookshelves and cleaning out the fridges to planning exciting events (in line with social distancing) including themed dinner nights, new tasty specials and, back by popular demand, THE WALKING QUIZ! 

Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for special offers, updates and (hopefully soon) information on when we can finally reopen. We really cannot wait to see you all!

Another day, another bay

Another day, another bay

This is the gorgeous little port of Mytikas. Framed by dramatic mountains, the traditional Greek village is almost untouched by tourism!

The anchorage, located just off the local beach, has fantastic holding and lovely clear water for swimming.

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COVID 19 Protocols

COVID 19 Protocols – Sail Safe

Please bring along your own protective equipment (gloves, masks & Sanitizer) & our team will also be wearing PPE when interacting with guests. However no hugging or handshakes this time!

Please maintain social distancing and wear PPE when not possible. In between charters once we have cleaned, done the turnaround jobs / checks, the boat is professionally fogged & sterilized. They then issue us the necessary official certificate for the boat papers. We appreciate your patience if your yacht is not ready on arrival as these new procedures do take time.

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Curry night

Join us every friday for Beef Madras, Chicken Tikka Masala or Chicken Korma, and of course our famous Onion Bhajis!

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