A New Pontoon

After many years of bureaucracy and paperwork, we are very proud to announce that our new pontoon has been approved and now sit’s proudly in front of our Yacht Club.


Last week, the fantastic team of divers from Lefkas Diving Centre in Nikiana, and Ruairi of course, descended into the depths of Vliho Bay to secure it in place. In total we used 200 meters of chain and 400 meters of rope which were patiently spliced together by Vicky & Joe. There are now lazy line berths just a 30 second walk from the bar, perfect for that summer evening!


Making this stretch of quayside more accessible and user-friendly has been at the top of our list for years. Not only will we have an abundance of more space, the yachts on the pontoon will be in the direction of the most common winds, making mooring & securing in our strong summer blows much easier!

Finally, Ruairi has up-cycled this lovely holder for our big blue hose pipe…but can you guess what it was originally???

vliho yacht club

Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to our new website! We are very excited to finally go live as we have been working on this since Christmas. Let us know what you think and please do send over any photos or stories you have of Vliho Yacht Club as we would love to feature them on our new blog!

We are still quite locked down here – bars and restaurants are still closed and we still have a 9pm curfew – however the weather has vastly improved, moods are starting to lift, boats are beginning to launch AND we are allowed to travel again to exercise, which means lots of trips to the beach! Yes, the sea is still freezing to swim in but, in the words of every British parent ever, “it’s fine once you’re in!”

Behind closed doors we are working hard to make sure that as soon as we can open we will with a bang! From the mundane jobs like recovering bar stools, painting bookshelves and cleaning out the fridges to planning exciting events (in line with social distancing) including themed dinner nights, new tasty specials and, back by popular demand, THE WALKING QUIZ! 

Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for special offers, updates and (hopefully soon) information on when we can finally reopen. We really cannot wait to see you all!

Another day, another bay

Another day, another bay

This is the gorgeous little port of Mytikas. Framed by dramatic mountains, the traditional Greek village is almost untouched by tourism!

The anchorage, located just off the local beach, has fantastic holding and lovely clear water for swimming.

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COVID 19 Protocols

COVID 19 Protocols – Sail Safe

Please bring along your own protective equipment (gloves, masks & Sanitizer) & our team will also be wearing PPE when interacting with guests. However no hugging or handshakes this time!

Please maintain social distancing and wear PPE when not possible. In between charters once we have cleaned, done the turnaround jobs / checks, the boat is professionally fogged & sterilized. They then issue us the necessary official certificate for the boat papers. We appreciate your patience if your yacht is not ready on arrival as these new procedures do take time.

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Curry night

Join us every friday for Beef Madras, Chicken Tikka Masala or Chicken Korma, and of course our famous Onion Bhajis!

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