Seasons greetings to One and All…

Is it just me or does anybody else reach into their pocket when you spot someone wearing a mask in a shop or office, it wasn’t noticeable so much when we were in the U.K. but here it’s still a thing.

This time last year we were still under restrictions and wondering what the new summer would bring, we know now of course, it brought everyone! It brought every one and their dog, kids, granny, distant acquaintances and anyone who could get up the steps on the plane.

You all came one, two, three times & more and for that we very much thank you, boy was it a change of pace. We had a new team too of course, so it is with no sense of drama to suggest that Vicky, myself and the gang were pretty beat by the time the last few boats were lifted out.

Lots of new stuff came together during the year, further development on the quayside seating area, proved popular and the two ‘new to fleet’ charter boats… Artemis and Bunty certainly hit the ground running. In the background Morning Calm was establishing herself into the True Luxury Charter market.

Debbie flew her first drone flight to capture the charter boats before they went to their winter bed in the yard.