Of tropical birds & boat choices…

Regularly during this season I have been asked “What is that beautiful boat on the pontoon?”

I will let you into a trade secret, at that point I will launch into a kind of prerecorded spiel about how ‘Morning Calm’ was built in Holland. For a family to do a circumnavigation and how her 4 meter draught and Kevlar foam sandwich hull allows her to sail beautifully….. At which point the innocent recipient of this barrage will stop me and say, “I didn’t mean that boat, I meant the blue one with the funny masts”. Oh! I’ll smile, come sit down I say, would you like a coffee….

‘Toucan of Carlingford’ built on the east coast of England 50 years ago; she belongs to Vicky & I and has been our restoration or building project for the last 14 years.