A New Pontoon

After many years of bureaucracy and paperwork, we are very proud to announce that our new pontoon has been approved and now sit’s proudly in front of our Yacht Club.


Last week, the fantastic team of divers from Lefkas Diving Centre in Nikiana, and Ruairi of course, descended into the depths of Vliho Bay to secure it in place. In total we used 200 meters of chain and 400 meters of rope which were patiently spliced together by Vicky & Joe. There are now lazy line berths just a 30 second walk from the bar, perfect for that summer evening!


Making this stretch of quayside more accessible and user-friendly has been at the top of our list for years. Not only will we have an abundance of more space, the yachts on the pontoon will be in the direction of the most common winds, making mooring & securing in our strong summer blows much easier!

Finally, Ruairi has up-cycled this lovely holder for our big blue hose pipe…but can you guess what it was originally???